Statewide Industrial Maintenance understands that successful maintenance and capital works are underpinned by optimising the cost benefit ratio. We are committed providing innovate engineering solutions that not only reduce cost but improve production and enhance safety.

Our multidisciplinary engineering service comprises structural, mechanical and piping capabilities for maintenance and small to mid-scale construction projects.

We offer complete engineering solutions supported by project managers. This allows our clients to work with one contractor through the entire project life cycle, eliminating the ‘middle-man’, and providing direct accountability at all stages.

Design > Innovate > Plan > Manage > Build > Deliver

Our Engineering services include:

  • 3D CAD design of existing plant with detailed drawings
  • Structural steel design and modifications.
  • Industrial Infrastructure design
  • Engineering project scope development
  • Piping design and modifications
  • Client engagement
  • Quality control
  • Project risk management
  • Change management