Statewide Industrial Maintenance is a privately owned, Perth based company with a vision to provide our clients services and solutions that directly contributes to the growth and development of their businesses. We operate an integrated business model comprising of complete engineering and maintenance services delivering consistent, competitive and quality solutions.

Our Approach

Since commencing business in 2011, Statewide Industrial Maintenance has quickly established many long term successful relationships with our clients. Simply through our approach in providing a service that puts safety, quality and our client’s requirements at the highest focus we are able to deliver effective and efficient solutions consistently.
We pride ourselves on the ability to provide complete transparency to our clients and all stakeholders, by doing so we are able to fully understand our clients’ needs with complete clarity. In turn we constantly strive to utilise our experience and capabilities in dynamic and proactive approach by working collectively with our clients, not for our clients.

Our Commitment

As a company we are committed to provide consistent, cost-effective, innovative and safe solutions to our clients. With every project or service engagement we believe our complete investment to our client’s requirements is needed, regardless of scale or complexity. This commitment is a key contributor to our reputation of providing safe, high quality, quick turn-around and competitive solutions.
Statewide Industrial Maintenance understands that the core of our business is driven by our workforce, with a commitment to provide services utilising the right people we are able to achieve consistent results for our clients and develop relationships that stem from every level of the business.
As a business we are committed to the continuous improvement of our methods and procedures. Our ability to adapt to our clients’ needs is in our view crucial to ensure we are constantly challenging the traditional way of thinking, allowing for opportunities of development not only within our business but our relationships and our clients.

“We pride ourselves on the ability to provide complete transparency to our clients and all stakeholders”

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